About Grrab-it

About Grrab-it

Grrab-it – Ultimate Online Garage Sales
Grrab-it.com is the ultimate online garage sale finder which offers – only privately pre owned goods for competitive prices.

Home clear outs, garage sales, yard sales, community sales, church sales, charity sales, estate sales, single second hand item sales – will all be presented to best fit the buyer’s location and interests.

Whether you are rearranging your home, or whether you are done with your treadmill, fishnet squash racket or golf clubs, whether you want to replace your long time fridge, couch, dinner table, lamps…whether you are left in a large clattered house now that your kids have moved or preparing for the 3rd life cycle – Grrabit.com will find a new home for your goods.

Grrab-it For Student Looking for Great Second Hand Finds

Are you a student looking for great finds to furnish, accessorize, and equip your first home away from home? Are you newlyweds, first time home owners building your nest, are you looking to find treasures for your new grandchildren room? Do you want to treat yourselves to a part of someone else’s life? – Grrab-it.com will offer you a wide range of 2nd hand finds!

Grrab-it.com provides a unique and precise user experience covering a wide range of home and personal items. From home electrics, furniture and appliances to nursery books, clothes, china and memorabilia. Grrab-it.com understands your intent and returns personalized, relevant and accurate results every time. Grrab-it.com offers speedy and accuracy search aligned with relevancy and accuracy.

Sustainability at Grrab-it.com

Grrab-it.com encourages sustainability by presenting alternatives to the automatic “throwing old/used – buying new” decisions we make on a daily basis. Sell your pre used long serving treasure and help keep a cleaner and greener world.

Grrabi-t.com is looking to enhance and widen the growing circle of private sellers/buyers and drive more face to face and greater communal encounters. We want you to be exposed to a greater number of best fit items/finds at the best prices in your area.

We encourage and promote “Giving items their next lease of life”!!

Why not give our long serving items a second/third chance? There is always someone out there who is in need of your goods. Grrab-it.com is the tool which enables you to find them….