Sale Second Hand Stuff 7 reasons for buying/selling


  1. It is more fun, it is more exciting, it is more creative to explore for treasures while looking for seconds hand finds. You make your own look out trail and mix and match as you go along.
  2. You get an extra bonus of going out for a drive, having a fun day with possible extras like – a picnic, visiting attractions, a family fun outing. Break the mall habit – go and explore new neighborhoods, new views, new types of architecture and enjoy fresh air and nature.
  3. It is a lot cheaper and makes a great sense to buy 2nd hand items. Pre-owned goods are a lot cheaper than new goods. You can save a lot of hard earned cash and enjoy using perfectly operational functional long lasting items. Be sensible and save your dollars!!
  4. How fun is it to meet new people/neighbors from your community – people who may share the same values, lifestyle’ discipline and traditions! Open your heart and home! Be happy to offer your long serving goods to your neighbors who may need it.
  5. Sustainability is a major factor in keeping our globe clean and green – you can help save this planet for your children and grandchildren by recycling goods. – The less you throw – the less others buy – the less manufacturing and environmental issues and hazards arise. It is our common interest to give items a second span of life as a means to cleaner healthier environment.
  6. It is intriguing to be welcome to “invade” other people’s spaces… We are curious and love to snoop around and check out how people live…By visiting other people’s houses we can often get a glimpse into the way other people live…
  7. Does it not make you feel better knowing that someone else is going to be using an item which loyally served you? Do you get “attached” to things? Do you ever wish to find them a “good home” once you are done with them? This is your opportunity to do just that.