Garage Sale Sign Template

How to advertise a My garage sale Free

So, you have finally detected that spring is likely be in the air soon, and that it is high time to:

Refresh, rearrange your home and give it a good spring clean.
Open your windows let the cool fresh air in, roll up your sleeves and get going.
Items and goods that have served you loyally in the past and which are of no use to you anymore today can be sold to others who may need it. There are many people around you who are currently looking for products you wish to sell..
You will surprised how your house will feel “lighter”, “brighter” and spacious. You will
Almost feel as though you have lost excess weight…seriously…
Furniture, clothes, kitchenware, sports gear, toys – everything goes!! There is always
Someone out there who will be happy to buy items which you do not need anymore.
Once you have piled the items you wish to sell, divide them to categories, make sure they
Are clean, presentable and are ready to be presented.
Make a list and decide on the price of each item. Mark the price clearly and add a line
About each item, it’s unique selling point, it’s brand (if there is a known one) or other important information which could help the sale.

Here is what you need to do now foe best Garage Sale:

garage sale signs freeGarage Sale Sign Template:

Printable Garage Sale Sign Go into And print out a garage sale template with your sale details. Print Around 10 copies so you could hang the garage sale signs a couple of blocks/streets from Your house so as to mark the way to your garage sale..

Free Garage Sale Advertising online:

For Garage sale advertising online, List your ad with Insert photos and detailed description of the products you
Wish to sell. Make sure the photos are clear and the items are well presented. If you own a
Unique item amongst the many others – separate it from all others and sell it Upgrade your
Ad and make sure it is always on top of the list.
Make sure your address is clear, the dates of the sale are accurate and ad your phone number or email address for early birds – if relevant.
Contacting you prior to the Garage Sale kick of time is always advisable especially if there is an interesting special item which has a special market value. You could point out it’s uniqueness and offer to show it to the first caller who expresses interest in buying it.

SO- Good luck with your Free Garage Sale Advertising !!
We are looking forward to hosting your listings in on your next garage sale!!